Tash Rabat yurt camp

Stay at the ancient stopover for Silk Road Caravans. This yurt camp is run by the caretaker of Tash Rabat, the last caravanserai before the endless Taklaman Desert. If you come from Kashgar over the Torugart Pass, this is the perfect introduction to Kyrgyzstan.

Just ask for Sabyrbeks's camp if you're there.

You can enjoy the scenery and the freshest air at Tash Rabat. Sleep between the thick blankets after watching the stars. Have breakfast with fresh "nan" bread and apricot jam. Life is simple at Sabyrbek's camp, but you will re-establish your touch with nature.
  • There's accomodation in the yurts and the guesthouse.
  • You can make a reservation ahead by sending an e-mail or call +996 772 22 12 52 (Tursun) or +996 772 47 10 20 (Cholpon)
  • We can arrange transport
  • It's no problem if you just show up, just ask for Tursun.



From easygoing to adventurous, the surroundings beg to be explored on horse-back. All guides speak English and know the surroundings.
  • One day tour from our camp to the pass.
    It takes about 3 hours to the pass to view Chatyr-Köl lake, and another 3 hours to return.
  • To Chatyr-Köl lake
    It takes about 6 hours to get there. We have also arranged yurts at the lake where you can see the stars, and return next day.
  • Nomad style
    From Tash Rabot to Osh over the mountains. It takes about 10 or 13 days. The adventure of a life-time. You should however not underestimate this trip, it is a long way back if you experience saddle-sores.


Tash Rabat

This is the main cultural attraction in the area. When you enter the ancient remains of the Silk Road Culture, it is hard not to wonder how life would be in the old days. You can easily spend some hours dwelling through its chambers, in total solitude.

Get inspired
Don't forget to read about the Silk Road beforehand: Foreign Devils and the Silk Road is an excellent piece. If you're coming from China, it's essential that you at least know who Manas is and the saga written about him...

And if you really want to enjoy, take warm clothes with you. Outdoors stays more fun with good gear. And it doesn't hurt to take a couple of horseriding lessons prior to your visit so you can really deem yourself a "Rider of Rohan".



  • Bed & Breakfast: KGS 600;
  • Lunch: KGS 350;
  • Dinner: KGS 350;
  • Sauna: KGS 250.


  • Between At-Bashy and Tash-Rabat: KGS 2000 (one way);
  • Between Naryn and Tash-Rabat: KGS 3500 (one way);
  • From Tash-Rabat to Köl-Suu: KGS 10000 (one way) plus KGS 1000 per person for bordervisa


  • Horsetrek to Chatyr-Köl, per person per day: KGS 750;
  • Horseriding per hour: KGS 200 per person;
  • Guide: KGS 200 per hour per group;
  • A full day is KGS 1500 per guide and KGS 750 per horse.

Tash Rabat

  • The entry fee for Tash Rabat is KGS 100 and is meant for preservation of the monument.